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List of new caps

Below there is a list of caps, which have been reported by collectors on forum, but they have not been added to the directory yet. The appearance of the cap in this list does not mean that it will be added to the catalog - sometimes it turns out that the alleged novelty occures to be an attempt or the information was incorrect.

If the cap is added to the directory, the local information on the ownership will be automatically transferred to the right place.


(191) Arcybrowar, new design, sign. newbox (III)

(258) Brzesko, new design, sign. dap(V)

(184) Doktor Brew, new design, sign. dap(V)

(173) Heineken, previous model, sign. cp (VII) srebrna

(147) Lublin, previous model, sign. cp (VII)

(215) Lublin, previous model, sign. cp (VII)

(138) Lublin (bez kółka wokół lica) , new design, sign. cp (VII)

(162) Namysłów, previous model, sign. czerwona new box (III)

(213) Okocim, new design, sign. cp (IX)

(242) Piotrków, new design, sign. dap(V)

(55) Połczyn, new design, sign. new box (III)

(39) Swiętochłowice, new design, sign. MK (IX)

(268) Szczecin, new design, sign. cp (VIII)

(257) Szkaradowo, new design, sign. new box (III)

(116) Wrocław, previous model, sign. cp (X)

(150) Zarzecze, new design, sign. dap (V)

(45) Zarzecze (dla Pinta&Tanker [Estonia]), new design, sign. dap (V)

(221) Zawiercie Browar Jana, new design, sign. dap(V)

(139) Żywiec, previous model, sign. cp (VII)

(244) Żywiec, previous model, sign. cp(VII)


(157) Bytów (tampodruk), new design

(171) Doktor Brew(pieczęć lakowa), new design

(261) Giełda Poznań, new design

(262) Giełda Poznań, new design

(263) Giełda Poznań, new design

(267) KK Września, new design

(158) Kopaniński browar domowy, new design

(254) Nepomucen, new design, sign. DAP (VIII-IX)

(169) Nepomucen (tampodruk), new design

(264) Olech Dariusz, new design

(256) Znaczki Turystyczne (reklamowy), new design

(255) Żywiec Krajcar (ciemnozłoty), new design

Pictures inside

(260) Brzesko Multimilioner, new design

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